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Sticky Note:
Please Make sure to leave your piczo site so I can comment you back :)

PLEASE NO SPAMMING MY SITE! I will later on add a site where you can add your links and leave all sort of things ok :D but not right now,in the meanwhile if you want to talk to me or so leave your piczo site but note this I will not reveal your Email address,or Personal website! If your spamming my comments Box I will remove your site from my comments! and will not reply to your comments :D thank you! also I will be adding a few graphics so check em out peeps ^_^

hi there! a few links will be disable because im going to update em :) so hold on till i get my site update with new stuff!im pretty sure ur ganna like the new graphics and much more :D if u got any ideas please let me know in the shout out box to the left ^_^

I'm updating my piczo site !! :D i know ive been gone for a long time now,a few months i should say.Dont worry new graphics and layouts will be up in the fallowing days.Thanks for the lovely comments on the shoutout box! THANKS! I can't say it enough :).

Updates on the NEW GLITTER GRAPHICS Page ^-^

NEW PAGES! check em out ^-^ click on the "My pages" Link and check out it :) some are not totally new but new things on them :),did u guys enjoy the layouts?? ^_^

Omg have u guys notice the changes?? ^-^,If u have then Ur cool :),anyways and if u left me a comment THEN UR WAY COOL! Anywayss I added a llittle chat thingy on the bottom of the page im always online lol so u can catch me there to chat one on one ^-^,anyways thanks for the love People!

Hiya people!!!!i added a few new layouts ^-^ and i did a few changes as well on the layout section haha hope u guys find it usefull and better :D,anywho leave some feed back will ya??? :D,anywho thansk for all the lovely comments ^-^ I love you all ^_^

Ok so lots of people been asking for more new LAYOUTS and stuff,so i just finish adding some layouts :),Check em out! ^-^,Oh and Also Im going to add more graphics soon!Did you guys like the new design?lol :D

The graphics pages and layouts will be disable for some days im working on a new web design so be patient as i bring everything back to normal :) make request/ect on the contact me page thanks!

New Website design!yay!u guys better like it!ahaha took me all morning to make it!and i hope u find it more usefull and enjoy! if ur lost leave me a comment on the shoutout box or if some links aren't working,thanks!

ok so I got new images on the Glitter graphics page!Check it out!New names :D,but since i dont know everyone names lol i just upload it the ones i made recently ;),well check it out and see if you like them :). NOTE:This images is copyrighted by ~mayra~janeth. You may use it for your profile and other non-commercial use, but please contact the author before redistributing it.THANKS!

Ok so NEW LAYOUTS YAY!!!Lmao,Ok so I got a few new layouts,leave some feedback ^-^ and tell me what you guys think,Any Ideas?REquest?,ok so one more thing,people Pick up your images at the "Pick up your image request" Page thanks ;)

Ok so the Page "Myspace Graphics" is ready to use!There not really all for myspace you can use them almost anywhere :) If you need a special code such as BBCODE let me know and I can put in there thanks and enjoy the RE-New Page PS:ALL THOSE IMAGES WHERE MADE BY ME AND NO ONE ELSE!COPYRIGHT BY MAYRA JANETH!

New layouts,Sasuke and ultraviolet and more :)

When making a Request please Say what Colors/Fonts/URL's of Images you want me to use/Anything special you want ect.Or I will use any type of colors I want and the rest will be up to me and if you won't like it then Next time tell me more details thank you.

More layouts to look around :) check em out,I put some of Dragon Ball z,Gaara From Naruto,Sakura from Cardcaptors,and Many more :)

Everything is going trough some trouble be patiant as I fix this little issue :)

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About Me:
There isn't much to know about me,Im 18years old my name is mayra :D and i love to make new graphics and new ideas are welcome in the shoutout box!
im layback and i love to make new friends too! i have a boyfriend which i love very much and a beautifull baby girl! :D
RIP Heath Ledger!